Permit Guidelines

  • For all gated facilities, your Husky Card is your primary access credential—simply tap your card on entry and exit.
  • All sales are final, permits are not subject to refunds or transfers.  For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.
  • Parking permits are intended for the use of current Faculty/Staff and Students.  Parking permits become invalid upon graduation, withdrawal, or termination of employment.
  • Parking permits are intended for the registrant’s use only and cannot be used by a vehicle not occupied by the registrant.  Each parking permit is registered to a single user.
    • Anytime you purchase a new vehicle or change your license plate, you must ensure that your new license plate is updated on your current parking permit prior to parking on campus. To avoid citations, the license plate and vehicle information must remain up to date.
  • A valid and current permit hangtag must be displayed regardless of the location you are parking your vehicle.
  • Anyone who pulls a ticket upon entering the garage will be responsible for the full parking fee.  MasParc will not validate parking tickets taken when entering the garage.
  • If you lose your parking permit, please email us immediately.  There is a $75 replacement fee associated with replacing any permit.
  • Any questions or concerns regarding parking on campus with your permit, please email us at contact@masparc.com