Enforcement Policies & Procedures

Parking Enforcement & Citations

The registered holder of the permit is responsible for any and all citations issued to that permit number. Fines will be assessed to the permit holder or the owner of any vehicle on university property in violation of MasParc parking regulations.  If a citation is issued to a vehicle that is not registered with MasParc, the registered owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for the citation balance.


Payment Options

If you would like to pay your citation by credit card, please Click Here.

If you would like to pay by check or money order, please make payments payable to LAZ Parking, Ltd.  Send ticket with payment to: MasParc Customer Service Office, 10 Gainsborough Street, Boston, MA 02115.


Citation Appeals

Consistent enforcement of campus parking policies and regulations helps contribute to an equitable system for all members of the parking community. Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may be the basis for an appeal of a parking citation.

To appeal a citation, please Click Here, enter your citation number and click Search.  All citation appeals must be received within 14 calendar days from the date issued.


Unpaid Citations

Permit holders and/or vehicles with unpaid citations, not actively under appeal, equal to/greater than the “Fraudulent Use of Parking Facility” fine ($100) are subject to an impound warning, which will not expire until all citations are paid in full.


Restricted From Purchasing A Parking Permit

Anyone with unpaid parking fines will not be permitted to register a vehicle or purchase a permit of any type until the fines have been paid.

Schedule of Parking Related Fines

The parking citation program will be managed via a three-strike rule.

  • Violation #1 – Written Reminder/Warning
  • Violation #2 – Non-Monetary Ticket
  • Violation #3 – Monetary Ticket
  • Violation #4 and up – Monetary Ticket and consideration for booting/towing at the discretion of the Operator

Fine Description Fine
Fraudulent Use of a Parking Facility $100
No Permit, No Permit on File and/or Displayed $100
Parking Overtime Parking Time Limit Exceeded $35
Parking at Yellow Curbing and/or Sign $100
Restricted Area, Not Adhering to Signage or Restrictions $50
Loading Zone Improper/Unauthorized Use of Loading Area $50
No Parking Zone Violation $50
Disabled Area/Space Violation $100
Blocking Disabled Access, Restricting Ability to Access $100
Parking in a Reserved Space, No Permit for Restricted Area $100
Fraudulent Display, Use of Lost/Stolen/Counterfeit Permit $100
Booting and Immobilization Device Fee $75
Improper Display of Permit $25
Parking over the Lines, Exceeding Parameter of Designated Space $25
Parking Wrong Side - Vehicle Parked in Opposition of Traffic Flow $25
Double Parking, Parking Side by Side in a Vertical Parking Area $25
Damage to Parking Deck* $100
Tailgating** $100
No Permit First Week of Semester*** $0
No Permit Second Week of Semester $25
Improper Use of State Property $10

* Damage to Parking Deck will include additional fees for damage to the parking gates, pay stations, and any parking equipment.
** Tailgating will include additional fees for any vehicles exiting while the gate remains open.
*** Limited enforcement during the first week of each semester. Violators of “No Permit First Week of Semester” will be issued a warning.

For all citations not paid within 30 calendar days, a $15 late fee will be issued after the citation date. If the citation remains unpaid after sixty (60) days, an additional $25 will be added to the citation.

The Barnacle

What Are Barnacles?
A Barnacle is a pane of plastic that, through suction cups, adheres to your windshield, rendering your vehicle undriveable until outstanding payment is remitted.

Why Do I Have One on My Car?
Barnacles are placed after multiple violations. They present an alternate to towing that is less costly and invasive to the violator.

How Do I Get A Barnacle off My Car?
1. Call the number listed on the Barnacle.
2. Follow the instructions prompted to pay all outstanding fees
3. Once previous steps are completed, remove Barnacle and return to a listed drop off location (9 Gainsborough Street/Matthews Arena Lot Boston, MA)

What Happens If I Don’t Want To Remove It?
Barnacles are motion activated and linked to an alarm if the vehicle owner attempts to either remove the Barnacle without completing the given steps or attempts to drive the vehicle without removing the device. If the vehicle is put in motion while the Barnacle is still active, an audible alarm will sound, and GPS will be activated.
Failure to return the Barnacle will result in the vehicle owner being charged an additional, non-refundable fee.

How Do I Return It?
Please return your Barnacle at the drop off location below which is available for drop off 24/7.

Drop-Off Box Location:
Matthews Lot
9 Gainsborough Street Boston, MA 02115.


Impounding vehicles is a method of enforcement to be used when all other methods have been exhausted. The goal of enforcement officers is to obtain voluntary compliance regarding the moving of vehicles. When impounding a vehicle, MasParc will investigate thoroughly to confirm that the vehicle is in violation and warrants being towed. If you suspect your vehicle may have been towed, please contact the Parking Office.

MasParc, LAZ Parking and Northeastern University assume NO liability for lost or stolen property or damage to any vehicle while it is parked on campus in one of our facilities. The University does not assume responsibility or liability for any lost property or damage associated with a vehicle being towed. Hours, rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice. Parking permit must be present at all times.