EV Charging Policies

EV Charging Stations

There are numerous EV charging stations located within the garages.  Parking in these spaces is for active charging only.  All EV charging stations are located inside garages.  Check your permit guidelines to see which stations are accessible by your permit type.

Columbus Garage – Located on the down ramp from Floor 2 to Floor 1 (20 spaces)

Gainsborough Garage – Located on Level 1 (2 spaces)

Renaissance Park Garage – Located on Level 2 (10 spaces)

Currently, the first 4 hours of EV charging use are free. If a vehicle remains parked in an EV charging space beyond the 4-hour limit and the 15-minute grace period, an overtime fee of $2.00 per hour (or a portion thereof) will be charged with a maximum fee of $10 per day. This is subject to change as demand and utilization increases.

EV charging stations require the ChargePoint app to charge your vehicle.